About Stuholk

Stuholk is a CFD provider that delivers advanced trading solutions on stocks, currency pairs, commodities, and indices, alongside groundbreaking trading technology.

About Stuholk

Who we are

Stuholk is a London-based company with its headquarter located in CentralPoint and offices around the world. We offer traders of all levels more than 70 available assets to choose from alongside the wide range of additional tools to make your trades more efficient.

Client Money

Once you start trading and enter the real money market, your funds are protected and appropriately stored on a segregated account according to internal company regulations that exclude the system cracking and information disclosure.

Our Strategy

We strive to help our clients work out the long-term money-making strategy trading on financial markets. Stuholk makes efforts to build customer loyalty because of a scam-free, reliable, and secure system. Our company enables traders of all levels to earn huge funds in a few clicks taking advantage of leading industry analysts and practicing traders’ experience to promote financial stability. Innovations do marvels!

Getting New Customers and Retaining Existing Ones

We never remain complacent and always do our best to provide the highest quality services returning leads into real traders. Stuholk keeps implementing new marketing tools, strategies, and campaigns that attract people who strive to skim the cream off financial markets and earn much.

Boost Overall Volume of Trades from Active Traders on the Platform

Our company emphasizes innovative approaches and applies best practices to improve the user experience. These are the main points aiming at increasing the activity of customers on the platform. We are eager to keep playing the leading role in the industry to roll out new traded instruments that customers want to deal with. It is referred to highly positioned and newly listed equities.

Increasing Market Share and Breaking New Grounds

Our top priority is expanding the market share covering the present jurisdictions and looking for new ones to expand. It is all about engaging new traders and acquiring them.

Making the business fly relying on research and development

Stuholk stands for its technological age. We realize the necessity of new financial instruments’ development and implementation. It is vital when it comes to building a long-term strategy and customer loyalty.

Our team is proud of being among the market-leading CFD providers regarding mobile compatibility and user satisfaction.

Operating Model Optimization to Promote the Performance

We always keep an eye on the ball to develop the Marketing Machine. It will make it possible for us to get and retain new customers more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The idea behind the company-owned technology allows us to expand the horizons even without being present in those markets. It consequently leads to restricting the capital outlays required to increase the geographical reach.

Our Vision

Our team strives to hold our own as a leading worldwide CFD, Forex, and Crypto provider that more and more customers switch to because of best-in-class technologies and approaches.


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